Beverages Made Better

Film & VideoPhotography

In an ongoing effort to highlight what makes their partner farms so unique, Chipotle reached out to Owen Jones to help them capture a range of photos and videos that not only told a story for their brand, but also gave a voice to their purveyors. A small and nimble crew trekked to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho to meet with organic farmer Travis Potter and his family at the Tractor Beverage farm for a two-day shoot of aerial footage, B roll, photography assets, and interviews to showcase the relationship between their farm’s story and Chipotle.

Real Food. Real Drinks. Real People.

Owen Jones understood that real moments with Travis and his family would hold the key to amplifying Chipotle’s small-farm storytelling. We captured (and enjoyed) flavourful family meals, caught early morning work at the Tractor Beverage gardens, and participated in recipe experiments in their outdoor test kitchen. The result was content used across Chipotle’s social and digital channels to showcase the shared values between Chipotle and Tractor Beverage Company in a way that helps bring the consumer behind the scenes and feel connected to the food they eat.