Adobe Hidden Treasures

Form follows function

Web Development

The Bauhaus school of design emerged in 1919 with the desire to reunite art and industry, rejuvenating design for everyday life. While this school was shut down by the Nazi regime in 1933, it had a profound influence on modern design as we know it.

After almost 100 years, an international team of students guided by renowned type designer Erik Spiekermann have completed and digitized original typography sketches from the Bauhaus masters. To share their work with the rest of the world, five alphabets would be published on an Adobe microsite. Our job was to give it life.


As we worked side-by-side with Adobe’s design team, we used a static site generator to build a set of templates that could be applied to different languages and fonts as they were released throughout the summer. From animation recommendations to font sampling capabilities, the Owen Jones team balanced form and function in true Bauhaus fashion right up until the final Friday launch day.