When Push Notification Comes to Shove

Branding, Digital, Illustration

Swrve built its brand on getting a consumer’s attention. More than simple marketing, they use a unique platform and crazy-complex algorithms to kick-start a meaningful dialogue. Our goal was to adapt Swrve’s existing identity and bring it into the present day.

Logo Design

It’s not hard to see trends in tech-world marketing. There are a lot of similar color palettes floating around, and a never-ending parade of industry buzzwords. The challenge was to establish Swrve as an approachable expert amid that noise; someone who knows the market inside and out, can talk about it casually and invite others to join that conversation—without the usual tropes.

We kept what was already working. We refined and evolved the logo without losing any of its equity.

Brand Elements

The full suite of brand visual elements was styled to convey the swift interactivity of a brand that creates rich, relevant, meaningful connections.


One thing we wanted to avoid was a disconnect between the brand’s identity and the human side of what Swrve does. So, we hand-illustrated a set of vignettes and icons to convey the power of interaction. These were employed across all of Swrve’s marketing touchpoints.

Website Design

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For Swrve’s website, we brought all of our brand elements together in a smooth, engaging experience. We designed, wrote and developed everything in-house.