Performance speaks loudest.


A pioneer in the sport of mountain biking, RockShox is accustomed to controlling chaos and high stakes competition. To evolve their brand, the Owen team created a purpose-built platform that captured the confidence, relentlessness, and guts that have landed RockShox riders at the top of trailheads and podiums for decades.

Through our partnership, we redefined what’s possible for their brand and carved out space to grow their presence and prominence with all riders in the sport.

Building the trail.

Working closely with RockShox stakeholders, our brand work began with strategic discovery to better understand their company, their competitors, and their audience. With a clear view of the terrain, we created a visual identity and messaging evolution that positioned RockShox as an enabler of peak performance.

Mapping terrain.

Working in collaboration, our designer and developer created this signature graphic element—something completely unique to the RockShox brand. This image generation tool creates “Flow Fields” that enhance the sense of speed and movement or the calm intensity of navigating mountainous terrain. It allows RockShox to generate one-of-a-kind textures and patterns with infinite possibilities.

Showing off.

For RockShox, the mountain is their proving ground. For us, it was their new BoXXer release. The BoXXer suspension fork is a legend with a legacy. It’s the highest impression release of their year, every year. And for their new campaign, RockShox wanted to separate from their competition with BoXXer’s new innovative tech and brand-defining colorway. Taking inspiration from the science of the sport, leveraging digital topography as graphical elements, and authentically reflecting the spirit of mountain biking, we created a dynamic campaign that put BoXXer at the front of the proverbial pack.