This Side of Paradise

Branding, Digital, Print

Most people will tell you that if your biggest problem with living in paradise is the traffic, then you don’t have any problems. Those people have never sat in a traffic jam on Oahu for three hours, traveling a distance of about four and a half miles. On a Sunday. Traffic is just one sign that Honolulu’s population density is off the charts. Also, not surprisingly, so are its housing prices. Big problems need big solutions, so Oahu decided it needed another population center. And it built one. Kapolei sits on the western side of the island and serves to balance the population density of Honolulu, as well as provide some much-needed housing. That’s where Kapolei Lofts came in—and where we came in to help.

Visual Identity

Hawaii is a hyper-local place. People, location, culture—are all proudly revered. Hawaiian shirts that might seem cheesy on the mainland? People in Hawaii wear them every single day without a hint of irony. The people of Hawaii love where they are and who they are. Our challenge was to create a logo and visual identity that spoke to that audience while bringing something fresh to the mix.

The final mark references the sixth major island of the chain and the native plant life. The latter was the inspiration (along with a few vintage textiles and watercolors) for a pattern library that we built from scratch. The color palette came from the interplay of crystal blue waters surrounding the island and the volcanic heart that breathes life into the place. We employed all of these elements in creating a full suite of collateral, a website, and more.