Willamette Valey Pinot Noir

Better than Burgundy

Since the 1970s, the wine world has recognized that Pinot Noir grown and made in the Willamette Valley is amongst the best ever produced. But unless you frequent sommelier and yacht club circles, that distinction may have eluded your purview (don’t worry, you’re not alone). That’s why the Willamette Valley Wineries Association came to Owen for the creation of a unique and beautiful brand that WV Pinot could share with the world. A few weeks and a few “research” bottles later, we delivered what you see below. Santé, Burgundy.


At the Gault-Millau French Wine Olympiades in 1979, the French referred to their Willamette Valley counterparts as “weirdy beardies.” The weirdies won that year.

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