Launching the Urban Airship was a task that took about as much careful skill as sending off an actual zeppelin. However, instead of crashing in a spectacular, fiery mess, the Urban Airship brand and experience reached some impressive heights.

Here, there, everywhere

The Urban Airship site is the crown jewel of our work together. It melds many attributes, at least one of which you might look for in an exotic roadster: sleek and responsive design, search functionality, a robust ExpressionEngine CMS, and a pinned sub navigation. However, unlike a De Tomaso Mangusta, the new Urban Airship site will never take up permanent residence in your garage while you search in vain for a non-existent replacement water pump.

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Making a point of view

The digital world is in the middle of a revolution, a mobile revolution. Urban Airship is helping brands be more relevant to customers than ever before, and they needed a way to share their point of view with the world. We helped script, design, and execute this little beauty to do just that.

Urban Airship Branding Video
UA on a Macbook and iPhone

Clouds! Dead-ahead!

Collaborate or die

Owen’s in-house illustration muscle worked with Portland design team Jolby to explore Urban Airship’s visual identity. It was a long, interesting road from where they were to where we ended up.

UA Stationary

“Truth is, we’d still be up to our elbows digging out of a seemingly insurmountable amount of work if it weren’t for the incredible Owen Jones team. We could not have asked for a better partner in this project. From the moment we said GO, they have over-delivered...earning some new fans for life here at the Airship HQ.”

Flying Straight and Level

When they first came to our door, Urban Airship was looking for a site redo and a quick brand refresh. They were growing faster than kudzu in the Georgia sun. As often happens though, what started as a quick turn project revealed deeper needs. The Urban Airship brand was strong in experience but was wanting for a little help in the communication department. That just happens to be an Owen specialty.

The Drawing Room Floor

OJP folks, in action
  • OJP folks, in action
  • Late Night Launch
  • OJP folks, in action
  • UA logo sketches

Gestalt Branding

Effective branding takes into account the entirety of an organization. The good folks at Urban Airship understand that truth implicitly. We used that common ground to build not only an effective brand and a beautiful, uber functional site, but a fruitful partnership. That’s the real benefit of working alongside our clients.

Sure, there were times when Owen needed to retreat to a creative cave and whip up some magic, but it always came back to hammering out the final product together. And what do you get when hammers and magic collide? Something like

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