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When it comes to brand development, there isn’t much we haven’t done for Prometheus, the largest private owner of apartments in the Bay Area. But from a total rebrand, to interactive, to environmental design, to messaging on golf carts (yes, golf carts), perhaps the biggest thing we’ve ever done for the company is help define them in just a few words: I Am Home.

Go towards the light

The cluttered apartment rental market is awash with confusing websites, dead-end interactive experiences from shady third parties, and an overwhelming amount of meh. In that world, is like a lighthouse of clarity, showing future Neighbors (Prometheus’ term for their residents) the way to the comforts of home.

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I am home with a tree

A study in intuitive design

Ease, beauty, function. We built off these three pillars to create a site focused on one thing. It’s not a site for investors or apartment brokers, it’s a site for people looking for a home. It’s a pretty simple idea, but one the rest of the apartment industry seems to have missed.

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Prometheus Branding Video

Heart of gold

If Prometheus’ site is a lighthouse, then branded, emotive content is the kindly old man who keeps the place running strong. From a piece telling the story of the brand, to instructions for life, we’ve approached video the same way we do everything Prometheus: from the heart and for the Neighbors.

“Owen created a very unique, beautiful aesthetic for the website and also excellent functionality. They actually made searching for apartments a fun, artistic, and efficient experience – not easy to achieve.”

Jackie Safier, CEO Prometheus
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How to Be Inspired

Prometheus doesn’t have employees, they have Prometheans. Individuality is a strong part of the brand. We designed a dress code that eschews uniforms and embraces personal, timeless style.

Modern timeless outfit

When Prometheus built their first 100% new, 100% wholly concepted property, we took the opportunity to create their first individually branded property, from interactive to environmental.

Real men play bocce poster

Prometheus is in the community building business. That means being a good neighbor. The Prometheus Outreach and Community Help program encourages neighborhood involvement on the corporate dime.

5 Neighbors gave up a Saturday for a community

For San Jose’s Prometheus-managed Mosaic apartments, we built a product brand from the ground up. And because it was separate from the Prometheus portfolio, we used purple (actually, it's called plum).

Mosaic, now appearing on your mobile device

The Proof Is In The Paper


With 70+ properties and over 35,000 neighbors, Prometheus needs lots of this and that. Postcards, bookmarks, handouts, welcome notes, and a get-to-know-you card for pets. We’ve put pen to paper in more ways than you can shake a ream of 20lb bond cotton at. But no matter the headline, they all say home.


“Owen is an extension of our firm, they are nimble and able to participate in projects big & small. Plus, they are really smart and thoughtful in how they approach all assignments – efficiently and to achieve the most impact.”

Home 360°

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    The brand comes to life

    The real expression of the Prometheus brand lives in the experience at every Prometheus property. We call that Home 360°. It extends from the leasing office (what we call the Workspace), to the property tour and the model apartment (what we call the Creative Suite), to a comprehensive signage program. It’s all in the service of creating the most important place of all.

    A vast empire

    Bringing Prometheus’ geographically, demographically, and aesthetically diverse properties together under a single banner is no mean feat. That’s why our partnership is a constant evolution. Every week we work to create novel approaches to the never ending challenge of keeping the good ship Prometheus sailing true.