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Sometimes a project comes along that we just can't turn down. Hence, when Lance Koudele, a long-time friend of Owen (and an amazing photographer to boot), came to us about helping evolve his personal brand and website, we just couldn’t say no.

If you're lucky enough to have worked with Lance, you know how great he is behind the camera. But it's his vigor for living with peace and compassion that really sets him apart. Lance's canvas ranges from mountain peaks to ocean bottoms, and his equipment includes crampons and regulators. We tried to capture his love of nature and outdoor sport in his branding. Lance is also lucky enough to have an extraordinary name in Koudele (Coo-dell-E). We worked to better own that name and visually represent its connection to the outdoor sport world he lives in every day.

Lance koudele

As a photographer, Lance is both lens-slinging shaman and meticulous professional. His easy-going demeanor sits alongside a craftsman's sense of responsibility to get it right every time, no matter what he's been assigned to shoot.

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Lance Branding
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Photographers have a lot of options when it comes to showcasing their work online. However, many of the platforms feel too similar, and few really showcase imagery in as big a way as we wanted. That led us to build a custom site for Lance that allowed his images to take full advantage of screen real estate (in other words, full bleed).

The interface elements were designed to get out of the way of the work, and let Lance's amazing images sing. The navigation is contained behind an image load bar at the top of the screen, using a 3D transform to reveal the navigation behind the site. We used keyboard navigation to allow Lance and other power users quick movement through his online portfolios, and to call up two different thumbnail view options.

“The result is a website that is a functional work of art, a user interface that is clean and simple, plus a back end that is a breeze to self-administer. The branding was exactly what I was looking for. I was absolutely blown away with all the options they presented. They really knocked it out of the park and the whole photo community took notice; it certainly has made an impact on the quality of work I am getting as a result!” – Lance Koudele
Lance Logo Studies


To find a visual identity system that adequately, and beautifully, conveyed everything we were trying to say about Lance, many a road were traveled (design-wise).