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Owen spent the past few months developing and producing an online video campaign for our longtime friends Prometheus Real Estate Group. The mission? Expand the group’s I Am Home brand while avoiding the doldrums of real estate video content (boring property tours, low production values, lame music). Oh, and come up with a solution that’s repeatable for all of Prometheus’ more than 70 holdings up and down the west coast (without getting repetitive or predictable).

Writer Peter Dean and Art Director Brandy Shearer set upon the task. The solve in this case was a series of how-to videos, each highlighting a different aspect of the brand experience from an unexpected angle. After storyboarding, Production Manager Michelle Majeski enlisted our partners from previous video projects, Kamp Grizzly.

The one-day shoot happened in and around one of the Prometheus’ Portland properties, utilizing both Owen and Kamp Grizzly staff as talent. The first series of three videos served to prototype the production process for future rollout to more cities and more properties. Mission accomplished? We think so (and so does Prometheus).


A Flavor for Every Imagination: Owen Jones Announces Home Cranked

Pick a flavor. Every flavor.

Sometimes our projects aren’t just a tasty design challenge, they’re plain, old tasty. When our good friends at Naia asked us to help launch their new product we jumped at the chance (well, they did send us a few cases of Bar Gelato to help sway our decision).


Home Cranked is a premium ice cream base that allows anyone to easily make literally any flavor they desire conveniently in their own kitchen. Great ice cream starts with a quality base, and making a real ice cream base takes time and skill. Trust us, even the “easy recipe” looks like all work and no fun. Home Cranked takes the hard part out so you can focus on the fun part: coming up with your own perfect flavor of ice cream.


Owen Jones helped Home Cranked develop its brand narrative and ethos, brand identity, supporting brand elements, packaging and website. We were lucky enough to collaborate with Mette at the Bureau of Betterment who has been a long time partner of both Owen Jones and Naia.


Packaging as fun as the finished product

Home Cranked will be launching in Whole Foods Markets this spring, so get out your homemade ice cream maker and fire up your imagination. If you can’t wait until then, rumor has it Owen Jones will be making its own homemade flavors at our Design Week Portland Open House.


Available in Whole Foods Markets and your favorite browsing device

Owen Jones and Opal launch new site just in time for SXSW


Portland, Oregon-based Opal’s Marketing Director Scott Townsend invited Owen Jones & Partners to join forces and augment the start-up’s brand expression with a new website. The project included researching, consulting, debating–and finally–refining the company’s brand story and bringing it to life with a new website.

Admittedly, as a branding and campaign development agency, we at Owen Jones got pretty excited about Opal’s technology. The Opal Story First approach and their platform is a huge asset for anyone working in the brand campaign game at enterprise-class organizations. The level of visibility, control and workflow efficiency the Opal platform provides is remarkable.

This was a very collaborative endeavor. We all agreed early on that we should leverage the gorgeous user experience that is the Opal Platform as a base for the branding. From concept, to design comps, to messaging, to animation and iconography, the Owen + Opal team worked tightly together to quickly get Phase 1 of the Opal website up in time for its SXSW debut.

You can check out some of the work below. See the live site HERE. 

And–stay tuned for Phase 2 of the Opal website later this Spring.



To find out more about Owen Jones contact us at 503.481.5415 or

Owen Jones & Partners LTD + Swrve Launches New Brand and Website

Just in time for the Mobile World Congress 2016: The combined team of Owen Jones & Partners + Swrve have launched a new site for the mobile-focused company.

Swrve is everything the marketer needs to build relationships on mobile, and act in the moment to deliver the most relevant and effective mobile experiences imaginable. The result? Mobile engagement and revenues that are off the charts.

Owen Jones & Partners is an integrated brand & campaign development firm based in Portland & Hood River, Oregon.

Check out the new Swrve site HERE and the Owen Jones & Partners LTD designed homepage with all the new brand components and messaging below:

Swrve Home Page Pic

Owen Jones, SnapCam and Black Friday Walk Into a Retail Store…

Ten days before this Black Friday 2015, a good old friend of Owen Jones contacted us.

“I’m working on a project for a new camera company called SnapCam—we’d like your help defending our retail space in Best Buy stores across the country. And it all needs to be done for Black Friday. Can you help?”

The calendar already read November. Owen responded: We’re in.

Our first task was to zero in on a strategy. We recommended that, for the holiday campaign, we should focus on young, tech-savvy new (or soon to be) parents. We used some provided research, did some of our own, got creative and got that done in just a few days. Check out the strategy deck we delivered here:

Next, we jumped on the video production, cranking out 5 different 15 second vignettes, targeting young parents with small, but meaningful moments. Moving very quickly, we found the perfect music track from an artist on SoundCloud, and recorded the voiceover with in-house talent and built a Best Buy-branded end sting. Add a solid color grade, and we were ready to go.

The video ads ran on the web, and were coupled with a simple, more direct, banner ad campaign of animated GIF’s in various sizes.



2.3MM impressions served

9,566 clicks driven to SnapCam site

211,847 views on our video ads


0.63% of users clicked through on our banner ads, 5-6x above expected averages (0.10% – 0.20%)

25% of users viewed our videos from our campaigns


$0.42 CPC on banner ads, much better than expected averages ($1.00) and just $0.03 CPV on the video ads


As soon as we were done with the ad campaign, we jumped on creating a new product video to be screened in Best Buy as part of the SnapCam retail experience.

And, we set out to begin the design process of updating the SnapCam digital property (currently in development for a relaunch, mid-summer)


The Brand By Any Means Necessary Chronicles

Volume One: What’s in a name?

It’s the question that always comes up on early sales calls: What do you do at Owen Jones? Our one line answer is this—we do whatever it takes. From a straight-up sales perspective for our agency, we’ve recognized for years that this line has a level of ambiguity to it that makes it hard for many a CMO to quickly reach for their company checkbook. That is, until they’re faced with a complex problem for which they can identify a desired outcome but not a direct path to get there.

If we can agree that everything at an organization has the potential to affect the internal and external brand experience, then it stands to reason that every brand-related project will come with many layers, tons of context, and a complex human and political landscape to navigate.

We do not fear ambiguity at Owen Jones. We are energized by it. We avoid assumptions purposefully.

We’ve built giant styrofoam carrots. We’ve made short films. We’ve done interior design. We’ve co-written mission-critical, company-wide letters for CEOs. And, yes, all the other stuff that you’d typically expect from a creative agency.

It’s often said that a smart business develops a good product or service, works out the most efficient means of creating it and then repeats the process. The Owen Jones take on that process is backwards:

We repeatedly figure it out. New. And for brand influential projects, it’s different every time.

Brand, we say, by any means necessary.

Here’s a recent example:

A few weeks ago, a multinational bio-tech firm came to us with a challenge: they’d expanded their campus facilities with a new building specifically designed to promote new styles of working and collaborating. They showed us the design. We agreed; very cool, very unique, especially for their type of organization. The success of the facility, we all felt, would be driven by how closely the employees embraced the design intent of the physical space.

Any infrastructure designed for human use and interaction requires a wayfinding system. In this case, you don’t start with the aesthetic design of the wayfinding system and then create the language that drives the naming conventions for that system.

Oh, you ask, so this was a naming project?

Well, sort of. The final output was to be a language and naming convention that supported the design intent of the new space. But the more important deliverable was increased employee engagement with that spatial design intent.

No, we did not create a naming structure for the space.

What we did (and will continue to do) is coach the employees on how to go about doing it themselves. Doing it themselves meant spending time considering the design intent of the space, which gives them ownership of their new work home—all done in the spirit of the new space: collaboratively, creatively and inspired.

Owen Jones’ ECD Peter Dean, ACD Tess Donohoe and Executive Producer Kate Grenadier led the session last week. We can’t show you the client’s proprietary information, but we can show you the agenda. It set the stage for a day-long workshop that was part theory, part how-to, part intellectual stimulation and all Owen Jones.