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A Puppy Petting Party!

Last year during Design Week Portland, Owen Jones brought you the sweet, fuzzy joy of a Kitten Kissing Booth. That’s right—a Kitten Kissing Booth. In which you could kiss kittens whilst having your picture taken. We asked ourselves, “How can we possibly top that?”

The answer: A Puppy Petting Party.

Stop by Owen Jones on April 25th in Old Town for cold beer, good times, sweet pups, pooch-related treats, and an inside look at the agency’s finest work. Even better, it’s all to support the Oregon Humane Society, who’ll be supplying the guests of honor. That means you’re very welcome to adopt your paw-recious new friends. (There might even be pugs.)


Noah & Steven: Cosmic Development Soul Mates


Noah and Steven…Steven and Noah.

At Owen Jones, they’re two halves of the Dev Team whole. And even though their birthdays are a full 21 years apart, they share a surprising number of similarities. So, who are Noah and Steven? And where have they been all our lives?

  • Steven was shocked when he learned Noah loves rap, and Noah was stunned to find that Steven is a fan of both Stevie Wonder and screamo. Yet, their musical differences are easily pacified by a shared love of company-lunch leftovers.


  • Noah and Steven have built one-page marketing sites for Northwest clients. They’ve crafted huge, custom intranet sites for international clients. And they’ve created lots and lots and lots of interactive experiences that fit everywhere in-between.


  • From front-end development (HTML, CSS layout, JavaScript, time-based animation), to extensive back-end expertise, Steven and Noah have a cultivated an impressive set of skills. As a consequence, they’ve also developed their own version of pig latin, which is nearly unintelligible to the rest of the agency.


  • Noah started in the web field when Steven was just four years old—while at the age of four, Noah had a friend named Stephen.


  • Both are driven to continuously improve the web development process at Owen Jones, and can often be found scheming about new standards to integrate. (Usually, these strategies involve client-meeting leftovers.)


And that’s the just the tip of the serendipitous iceberg. Get in touch to learn more than you ever wanted to know about our two-man development juggernaut.

To find out more about Owen Jones contact us at 503.481.5415 or

A ‘Ferl-ōh-wen Holiday

Furlowen (‘ferl-ōh-wen): A Celebration of the Un-Traditional

A leave of absence—much like a furlough—taken by the staff of Owen Jones for compelling, yet arbitrary reasons. Each year, colleagues and family are invited to partake of these exotic holidays.

Why give one holiday card, when you can give five? Each member of Owen’s design team took on a Furlowen day and created a custom postcard to be included in our holiday missive.


Stretch Saturday, The First Saturday in October

That one day a year when, magically, a wonderful Saturday stretches into two Saturdays in a row. Sure, you end up losing a Sunday in the shuffle, but it only happens once a year!

Designed by Tess Donohoe, Associate Creative Director

Stretchy Saturday was a good excuse to work with some experimental type. After exploring different representations of how type could be stretchy, then came the task of finding a photograph to represent the word. The vintage photo speaks for itself.

Dun-zo Day, March 15th

Comes a time when enough is enough. Maybe you fear being a quitter. Maybe you like being unhappy. But not today. This is the day when being a quitter makes you a winner.


Designed by Zach VanDeHey, Art Director

Dun-zo as a word feels like it should be an 80’s kid. Inspired by Totally Awesome, neon signs, BMX Bandits, and all things 80’s. Sometimes you just need a Dun-zo day, and an excuse to watch 80’s movies.

Lackadaisication Day, September 18th

Some of us just need to slow down. And while you’re at it, why not learn a word that moves just as slow as you do? Ease into the day that was invented for kicking back.

Designed by Ed Martin, Designer

What does lackadaisication feel like? No responsibilities, no stress, just you getting your super chill on. I liked the concept of life as a screaming express train chugging it’s way down the rails, turning into a cozy trip to unwind town. All aboard! Your ticket to cool out every 18th of September is here.

Lone Wolf Day, August 12th

Where does solitude end, and isolation begin? Too few contemplate these matters on their own. This Lone Wolf Day, get alone with your thoughts, just not for too long. No Lone Wolf is an island.

Designed by Meg Odell, Junior Designer

Inspired by the illustrations from “Where the Wild Things Are,” because Lone Wolf Day should be about being alone with your imagination. Plus I was really excited to make some furry type.

Owen Jones & Partners wishes you and yours a 2015 Holiday Season complete with the traditional, un-traditional and everything in-between.


The Holiday Season with Trillium Family Services

There is a place in Portland called Trillium Family Services. It’s full of remarkable, intelligent and caring people that spend their lives doing everything they can to help those living with mental health challenges. Diagnosing, treating and maintaining emotional well-being are complex undertakings, and for individuals and their families, there is often very little that’s certain and concrete.

While there is so much that is misunderstood and unknown about mental health challenges, there is one thing that is certain: more compassion is always better.

That’s why this year, we’re contributing to Trillium Family Services by purchase gifts for the children impacted by Trillium’s compassion and kindness. Below are a few pictures from Owen Jones’ holiday office party, complete with a few pictures that will hopefully inspire others to contribute to Trillium Family Services—or if they have another cause dear to their heart—do good in a way that is most meaningful to them.

Happy Holidays from Owen Jones!

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