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Owen spent the past few months developing and producing an online video campaign for our longtime friends Prometheus Real Estate Group. The mission? Expand the group’s I Am Home brand while avoiding the doldrums of real estate video content (boring property tours, low production values, lame music). Oh, and come up with a solution that’s repeatable for all of Prometheus’ more than 70 holdings up and down the west coast (without getting repetitive or predictable).

Writer Peter Dean and Art Director Brandy Shearer set upon the task. The solve in this case was a series of how-to videos, each highlighting a different aspect of the brand experience from an unexpected angle. After storyboarding, Production Manager Michelle Majeski enlisted our partners from previous video projects, Kamp Grizzly.

The one-day shoot happened in and around one of the Prometheus’ Portland properties, utilizing both Owen and Kamp Grizzly staff as talent. The first series of three videos served to prototype the production process for future rollout to more cities and more properties. Mission accomplished? We think so (and so does Prometheus).


Self Identity, tribalism, and the need to get small.

This is a story about branding. It starts with a head injury.

In the 1990’s I had a friend that was in a skiing accident. He fell during a race, slid down a steep section of the course and hit his head really hard. Ski patrol, life flight, emergency room, ICU; pretty much everything on the trauma treatment menu. My wife, Theo, took the call from his sister. Eric is on the helicopter, headed to the trauma center and we can’t get there until tomorrow – will you go? Theo, who is really great in emergency situations, also happened to be in nursing school at the time. She got to the center just after the helicopter landed, and right as they were deciding to drill into our friend’s head to relieve the swelling pressure on his brain. Continue reading

Maniitsoq, Greenland Filmmaking: A Gear Review

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©Lance Koudele

Last week OWEN headed to Greenland to create and gather marketing assets with Lance Koudele (Photographer) & Jax Koudele (Social Marketing Consultant & Powderbird Director of Marketing) for one of our favorite clients Powderbird Helicopter Skiing. Part of our role was to be the cinematographer for the trip – and we wanted to report back on the gear we took, how it worked, and what we’d do differently next time. Continue reading


Owen specializes in building and rebuilding brands from the inside out, doing whatever it takes to create positive, meaningful experiences and brand relationships.

The confederation of minds that founded Owen Jones & Partners walked out of a couple of Bay Area agencies during the economic downturn of 2001 determined to do it differently — and better. During a late-night cabal at a coffee shop on Haight Street in San Francisco they formulated a business model that was decidedly bohemian and capitalistic. Maybe it was the huge lattés, maybe the free-spirited surroundings — but they found themselves pondering the question:

What if we started an agency and didn’t care if we actually did very many ads? Continue reading


What can we say but, wow. Owen pulled out all the stops and created one of the finest and heftiest business cards on the planet. Holding one of these things is a joy in and of itself. Ping us and we’ll send you one for your very own. More images will soon be posted with the lovely (and custom) holder we’re using for these gems. Continue reading



If you’ve been in the design world in the last decade, you probably know Extensis. They’re that software company that brought you all sorts of plug-ins years ago. And, of course, they wrote the book on font management with SuitCase. In the last few years, they’ve focused their efforts on font management, digital asset management, and now web typography. While transitioning to the new, tighter focus has gone well – and nearly every product release has been solid – the excitement and spark seemed to be lost with their brand. They never really acknowledged, internally or externally, that they’d dialed into the right business, the right mission, at the right time.

And they knew it. So, they called their digital agency, Blue Collar Interactive (, to help rekindle that flame. And Blue Collar called Owen Jones.

Owen started by writing some lists: Who has an opinion about this? Who are the influencers? Who is going to care if Extensis changed? What would we want to know from them?

Then we turned our ears on, and we started dialing.

We listened to everyone that would take our call, including Extensis customers and partners like Adobe, Microsoft, and Publicis, and a slew of Extensis employees from nearly every department both here in the United States and abroad.

The State of the Extensis Union according to all these people?

While Extensis enabled creativity their brand didn’t feel creative itself. They seemed stuck between two very different markets: Creative Professionals and IT Professionals – not exactly two groups that hang out after work all too often.

And that, on the surface, is a scary spot for a brand: Being caught in the purgatory of their in-between-ness.

Owen’s take: The between is exactly where Extensis makes perfect sense. They’re keeping both sides of the business of creativity progressing. They help creative professionals make the most of their digital tools and information professionals make the most of their time. Neither world is very productive without each other, and Extensis is their yin and yang enabler. They lighten IT’s load, while helping creative people find the right assets – the ones that inspire the most – to create the best work.

OK, but how do they do that? With all of the below. The Extensis Brand Attributes.


Quality means you get what you pay for, with zero buyers remorse. It’s part of everything Extensis does, every product they make and every interaction they have with every customer.


Creativity isn’t exclusive to the artists; it’s utilized by all. Extensis puts it to use every day, and their products enable those creating the visual and experiential world in which we live.


Technology doesn’t sit still. Ever. Extensis doesn’t sit still either. They’re constantly evolving, and it’s good for their soul. It keeps them thinking, striving and growing in the only direction that matters: forward.


That’s a big word, we know. But, it captures one’s true passion for what drives you. Love is central to Extensis. They love creativity. They love type. They love design. They love making it all interact seamlessly. They love what they do.

We showed these concepts to the teams at Extensis and asked: Is this who you are? Do these inspire you in the right directions?

The answer was a resounding “yes”.

And so, with the concepts and language feeling good, we moved on to visual work. Boy, did we know that this was a brand that would be scrutinized with aggravating detail by our peers. Imagine, if you will, the discussions that ensued as we threw these up on the wall over the next several weeks:

Not surprisingly for a company that loves typography, a typographic solution was in order. We’re really happy with the direction that our good friends at Extensis chose. A custom piece of lettering makes up the “e” mark, and gives the brand personality and playfulness. The logotype was also customized, with some help from Thomas Phinney at Extensis, beginning with the Adelle typeface.  The two together create something both beautiful and unique, and speak to the creative yin and business yang. We couldn’t be happier. And it appears, neither could Extensis.

CLCK HERE  to check out what they’re saying about their new mark.