A Flavor for Every Imagination: Owen Jones Announces Home Cranked

Pick a flavor. Every flavor.

Sometimes our projects aren’t just a tasty design challenge, they’re plain, old tasty. When our good friends at Naia asked us to help launch their new product we jumped at the chance (well, they did send us a few cases of Bar Gelato to help sway our decision).


Home Cranked is a¬†premium ice cream base that allows anyone to easily make literally any flavor they desire conveniently in their own kitchen. Great ice cream starts with a quality base, and making a real ice cream base takes time and skill. Trust us, even the “easy recipe” looks like all work and no fun.¬†Home Cranked takes the hard part out so you can focus on the fun part: coming up with your own perfect flavor of ice cream.


Owen Jones helped Home Cranked develop its brand narrative and ethos, brand identity, supporting brand elements, packaging and website. We were lucky enough to collaborate with Mette at the Bureau of Betterment who has been a long time partner of both Owen Jones and Naia.


Packaging as fun as the finished product

Home Cranked will be launching in Whole Foods Markets this spring, so get out your homemade ice cream maker and fire up your imagination. If you can’t wait until then, rumor has it Owen Jones will be making its own homemade flavors at our Design Week Portland Open House.


Available in Whole Foods Markets and your favorite browsing device

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