Monthly Archives: November 2016


Owen spent the past few months developing and producing an online video campaign for our longtime friends Prometheus Real Estate Group. The mission? Expand the group’s I Am Home brand while avoiding the doldrums of real estate video content (boring property tours, low production values, lame music). Oh, and come up with a solution that’s repeatable for all of Prometheus’ more than 70 holdings up and down the west coast (without getting repetitive or predictable).

Writer Peter Dean and Art Director Brandy Shearer set upon the task. The solve in this case was a series of how-to videos, each highlighting a different aspect of the brand experience from an unexpected angle. After storyboarding, Production Manager Michelle Majeski enlisted our partners from previous video projects, Kamp Grizzly.

The one-day shoot happened in and around one of the Prometheus’ Portland properties, utilizing both Owen and Kamp Grizzly staff as talent. The first series of three videos served to prototype the production process for future rollout to more cities and more properties. Mission accomplished? We think so (and so does Prometheus).