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A Flavor for Every Imagination: Owen Jones Announces Home Cranked

Pick a flavor. Every flavor.

Sometimes our projects aren’t just a tasty design challenge, they’re plain, old tasty. When our good friends at Naia asked us to help launch their new product we jumped at the chance (well, they did send us a few cases of Bar Gelato to help sway our decision).


Home Cranked is a premium ice cream base that allows anyone to easily make literally any flavor they desire conveniently in their own kitchen. Great ice cream starts with a quality base, and making a real ice cream base takes time and skill. Trust us, even the “easy recipe” looks like all work and no fun. Home Cranked takes the hard part out so you can focus on the fun part: coming up with your own perfect flavor of ice cream.


Owen Jones helped Home Cranked develop its brand narrative and ethos, brand identity, supporting brand elements, packaging and website. We were lucky enough to collaborate with Mette at the Bureau of Betterment who has been a long time partner of both Owen Jones and Naia.


Packaging as fun as the finished product

Home Cranked will be launching in Whole Foods Markets this spring, so get out your homemade ice cream maker and fire up your imagination. If you can’t wait until then, rumor has it Owen Jones will be making its own homemade flavors at our Design Week Portland Open House.


Available in Whole Foods Markets and your favorite browsing device

Owen Jones and Opal launch new site just in time for SXSW


Portland, Oregon-based Opal’s Marketing Director Scott Townsend invited Owen Jones & Partners to join forces and augment the start-up’s brand expression with a new website. The project included researching, consulting, debating–and finally–refining the company’s brand story and bringing it to life with a new website.

Admittedly, as a branding and campaign development agency, we at Owen Jones got pretty excited about Opal’s technology. The Opal Story First approach and their platform is a huge asset for anyone working in the brand campaign game at enterprise-class organizations. The level of visibility, control and workflow efficiency the Opal platform provides is remarkable.

This was a very collaborative endeavor. We all agreed early on that we should leverage the gorgeous user experience that is the Opal Platform as a base for the branding. From concept, to design comps, to messaging, to animation and iconography, the Owen + Opal team worked tightly together to quickly get Phase 1 of the Opal website up in time for its SXSW debut.

You can check out some of the work below. See the live site HERE. 

And–stay tuned for Phase 2 of the Opal website later this Spring.



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Kissy, Kissy, Kitty.

Kittens. Kissing. A photo booth. If you don’t think those are the ingredients for magic, don’t bother stopping by the Owen Jones open house during Design Week Portland. We’re partnering with the Oregon Humane Society to present the Owen Jones Kitten Kissing Photo Booth.*

Make a new furry love connection, have some light refreshments and take a walk down memory lane on a self-guided tour through our favorite projects of last year. Don’t blame us if you miss the magic.

Make sure to pack your chapstick. Register for our Kitty Kissing Booth by clicking here and check out other dope Design Week Portland events.

*Yes, real kittens. Yes, you can really cuddle them. Yes, you can have your photo taken with them while cuddling. And yes, it benefits the Oregon Humane Society.


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Owen Jones & Partners LTD + Swrve Launches New Brand and Website

Just in time for the Mobile World Congress 2016: The combined team of Owen Jones & Partners + Swrve have launched a new site for the mobile-focused company.

Swrve is everything the marketer needs to build relationships on mobile, and act in the moment to deliver the most relevant and effective mobile experiences imaginable. The result? Mobile engagement and revenues that are off the charts.

Owen Jones & Partners is an integrated brand & campaign development firm based in Portland & Hood River, Oregon.

Check out the new Swrve site HERE and the Owen Jones & Partners LTD designed homepage with all the new brand components and messaging below:

Swrve Home Page Pic

Noah & Steven: Cosmic Development Soul Mates


Noah and Steven…Steven and Noah.

At Owen Jones, they’re two halves of the Dev Team whole. And even though their birthdays are a full 21 years apart, they share a surprising number of similarities. So, who are Noah and Steven? And where have they been all our lives?

  • Steven was shocked when he learned Noah loves rap, and Noah was stunned to find that Steven is a fan of both Stevie Wonder and screamo. Yet, their musical differences are easily pacified by a shared love of company-lunch leftovers.


  • Noah and Steven have built one-page marketing sites for Northwest clients. They’ve crafted huge, custom intranet sites for international clients. And they’ve created lots and lots and lots of interactive experiences that fit everywhere in-between.


  • From front-end development (HTML, CSS layout, JavaScript, time-based animation), to extensive back-end expertise, Steven and Noah have a cultivated an impressive set of skills. As a consequence, they’ve also developed their own version of pig latin, which is nearly unintelligible to the rest of the agency.


  • Noah started in the web field when Steven was just four years old—while at the age of four, Noah had a friend named Stephen.


  • Both are driven to continuously improve the web development process at Owen Jones, and can often be found scheming about new standards to integrate. (Usually, these strategies involve client-meeting leftovers.)


And that’s the just the tip of the serendipitous iceberg. Get in touch to learn more than you ever wanted to know about our two-man development juggernaut.

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