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Owen Jones, SnapCam and Black Friday Walk Into a Retail Store…

Ten days before this Black Friday 2015, a good old friend of Owen Jones contacted us.

“I’m working on a project for a new camera company called SnapCam—we’d like your help defending our retail space in Best Buy stores across the country. And it all needs to be done for Black Friday. Can you help?”

The calendar already read November. Owen responded: We’re in.

Our first task was to zero in on a strategy. We recommended that, for the holiday campaign, we should focus on young, tech-savvy new (or soon to be) parents. We used some provided research, did some of our own, got creative and got that done in just a few days. Check out the strategy deck we delivered here:

Next, we jumped on the video production, cranking out 5 different 15 second vignettes, targeting young parents with small, but meaningful moments. Moving very quickly, we found the perfect music track from an artist on SoundCloud, and recorded the voiceover with in-house talent and built a Best Buy-branded end sting. Add a solid color grade, and we were ready to go.

The video ads ran on the web, and were coupled with a simple, more direct, banner ad campaign of animated GIF’s in various sizes.



2.3MM impressions served

9,566 clicks driven to SnapCam site

211,847 views on our video ads


0.63% of users clicked through on our banner ads, 5-6x above expected averages (0.10% – 0.20%)

25% of users viewed our videos from our campaigns


$0.42 CPC on banner ads, much better than expected averages ($1.00) and just $0.03 CPV on the video ads


As soon as we were done with the ad campaign, we jumped on creating a new product video to be screened in Best Buy as part of the SnapCam retail experience.

And, we set out to begin the design process of updating the SnapCam digital property (currently in development for a relaunch, mid-summer)