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I AM ___PROUD___.

“Equality Without Exception”



Photo courtesy RECasper


The 2015 San Francisco Pride Parade was a little more colorful this year thanks to the Prometheus Real Estate Group and Owen Jones. Over the weekend of June 27-28, San Fransisco was transformed into a whirlwind of pride, support and love. At the center of the pride celebration, Prometheus’ vibrant float stood out amongst the rest.

For almost a decade OWEN has been a brand and creative partner with Prometheus, a real estate & property management group that understands the importance of calling where you live “home.” Being asked to concept and design Prometheus’ first ever Pride float was a testament to the quality of that relationship and to the breadth & depth of OWEN’s abilities.



Photo courtesy RECasper


What We Did 

For the Pride Parade, OWEN worked in partnership with the internal team at Prometheus to create a float encompassing Prometheus’ brand essence “I AM HOME” and using the theme “Equality without Exceptions.” We transformed an Enterprise rental truck into a work of art, creating something that showcased Prometheus’ long history of support for the LBGT community.

OWEN began with sketches to communicate the concept and direction of the float. From there we used SketchUp to develop 3D models and mockups for the build team. The finished product incorporates the colors of the rainbow flag: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Each color was inspired by different aspects of life, represented in a tangible way.

Red demonstrates equality and love. A DJ blasted upbeat music while stationed behind a booth emblazoned with an equality sign.

Orange equals joy. In this section of the float, people dressed in orange lounged on bean bag chairs.

Yellow represents warmth and happiness. This section was covered in large, yellow blow-up ducks and pool toys.

Green is reminiscent of nature, which is why real plants were seen covering the float.

Blue made us think of the majestic ocean and bay area. This part of the float incorporated blue paper waves and beach balls to contribute to the party.

Finally, purple added richness with a celebratory atmosphere.  Balloon towers were placed on either side of the float and the dancing ensued.

These elements resulted in a special float that Prometheus was proud to show off.

OWEN also designed and printed a unique run of t-shirts for the event. Playing off “I AM HOME,” the shirts had a printed “I AM ________” where each person could individual fill in what they believed. These shirts showed unity amongst the crowd, but also individuality via the unique interpretations.



Photo courtesy RECasper


Why it Matters

OWEN does more than just help brands, we become an extension of the internal team. We share Prometheus’ values and support creating rich, fulfilling, inclusive and meaningful lives for everyone. We believe, and show, our support for Prometheus and the LBGT community.

It’s about people.

It’s about love.

OWEN celebrates the progress made in the community and are proud to help celebrate the work Prometheus, its employees and its Neighbors have accomplished both singularly and together.



Photo courtesy RECasper