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Introducing (the new) Jitasa


The success of any nonprofit depends on getting a movement started, keeping it going and growing it. Strength in numbers is a fundamental principle in the nonprofit world. Jitasa is a group of bookkeepers and accountants that help nonprofits maintain their focus more on doing good, and less on the tasks that can bog them down, risking critical grant funding. Continue reading


Owen specializes in building and rebuilding brands from the inside out, doing whatever it takes to create positive, meaningful experiences and brand relationships.

The confederation of minds that founded Owen Jones & Partners walked out of a couple of Bay Area agencies during the economic downturn of 2001 determined to do it differently — and better. During a late-night cabal at a coffee shop on Haight Street in San Francisco they formulated a business model that was decidedly bohemian and capitalistic. Maybe it was the huge lattés, maybe the free-spirited surroundings — but they found themselves pondering the question:

What if we started an agency and didn’t care if we actually did very many ads? Continue reading