Monthly Archives: May 2012


Last week, Owen hosted his first GRAPHIXXX THUNDERDOME. Officiated by Ryan, this brown bag lunch sermon introduced fellow Owenites to the joys of building an interactive 3D application.

Ryan demonstrated the inner workings of After Effects, Cinema4D, and Unity. In the quest to build a game called “Adios, Amoebas!,” combatants (aka brown bag attendees) were educated on the basics of polygonal modeling techniques through a demonstration creating 3D “amoebas” in Cinema4D. Then, each Owenite was given an unwrapped UV texture to decorate in Photoshop as they saw fit.

Finally, each texture was applied to an amoeba model and unleashed on a pre-built THUNDERDOME engine in Unity. In the resulting app, each combatant’s amoeba battled to the death until there was one remaining champion.